It’s the time of year for reflection and we want to pause and give thanks to each of you for being such loyal readers. In particular, many of you have reached out to us at conferences and other events to tell us how much you appreciate our small little corner of the worldwide web. And while blogging is ordinarily for us a labor of love that sort of encouragement goes a long way on those occasional days when we’d much rather go home and sit on the couch than post another blog.

And now comes the favor part. We were very excited to learn that we made this year’s ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 which makes us eligible to become a member of their blogging Hall of Fame. But to get there we need your votes! We considered several strategies to make that happen. We could pay you to vote but then we’d have to disclose or risk violating the Endorsement Guides. We could offer you a free notebook and in very small print indicate that in accepting this offer you’re also voting for our blog, but there’s those pesky FTC Disclosure guides.  Someone in our marketing department suggested we just submit fake votes, but the NY AG hates astroturfing. Finally we could just say we won but, well, that would be flat out deceptive. So we’re reduced to just asking nice.

If you have a few minutes to vote, click here. You will need to register your email with the ABA Journal (according to their FAQs to prevent voter fraud!) and then you can find our blog under the dropdown menu called Torts/Consumer. You can only lodge one vote per blog but you can vote for more than one blog and so while you’re there we’d encourage you  read and to vote for our friend Rebecca Tushnet’s Lanham Act Blog (43(B)log) in the IP category or her textbook coauthor Eric Goldman’s blog in the Tech category. (They are in different categories, we don’t love Rebecca or Eric that much!) Thanks. And we look forward to another year of blogging.