Federal Trade Commission FTC SealDid you get a letter in March with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seal inquiring about your use of material connection disclosures in influencer campaigns and politely reminding you about the Endorsement Guides? If so, you are in good company as many other brand companies have received such letters as part of the FTC’s most recent sweep effort. If not, don’t get too comfortable. We believe this is the beginning not the end. After successfully negotiating a closing letter in the Machinima case for a party based on the presence of an effective compliance program, we have been asked many times; “What do I need to do to have a viable compliance program if the FTC comes knocking?” We have consistently told companies that the goalpost is moving as the FTC expects companies to be more knowledgeable and rigorous as time goes on and awareness builds. But the basic requirements for a brand company engaging influencers will always include training influencers and agents; monitoring for compliance; and enforcing consequences when you become aware of noncompliance. And it takes a village — every actor in the influencer stream has responsibility from the brand to the digital media, PR or influencer agency to the influencers themselves.
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football refereeIt’s our favorite time of year, when we get to see the best, boldest, and bravest duke it out. Oh sure, there’s the football, but we’re talking about the ads! It’s one of the busiest nights of the year for ad lawyers, enjoying ads we worked on come to life (and seeing the disclaimers we lovingly and painstakingly crafted) and responding in real time to “can we tweet this?” We blog every year about our favorites (see here and here and here and here) and trends. We were happy with a game in overtime, as it meant – that’s right – MORE ADS! And we understand social media was up over last year but did not exceed 2015’s record numbers. But still, 27.6M tweets, 240M Facebook interactions, and 150M Instagram interactions is pretty big stuff.
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turf toeWhen I think of Astroturf this time of year I think of football. That probably isn’t true for the New York AG’s office, which has continued its assault on the posting of fake reviews, also known as “astroturfing.” Earlier this month the NY AG announced two more enforcement actions against an urgent medical care facility and a car service. The two actions and the difference in their business models demonstrate that this issue is not going away and that any business type that uses online reviews to help market its product can be at risk. See these prior posts on the AG’s efforts: AG rips up Astroturf; and NY AG targets deceptive endorsements.

According to the AG, the urgent care provider Medrite paid Internet advertising teams thousands of dollars to post favorable reviews on Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo Local Page, and Google Plus. Medrite also hired freelancers through Craigslist and other sources to post favorable reviews. Medrite did not require that the reviewers actually visit its clinics or that the reviewers disclose that the reviewers were being compensated for their reviews. Both are big no nos in using reviews to market your product.

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Join Venable on October 27 for a half-day workshop in the firm’s Los Angeles office designed to make sense of recent enforcement actions involving social, influencer, and native campaigns. Venable’s Amy Ralph Mudge, Randy Shaheen, Melissa Steinman, and Po Yi will share best practices that in-house counsel and compliance personnel at brands,

We’ve never reposted a blog, but in light of Ryan Lochte’s being robbed, then exaggerating being robbed and now maybe not exaggerating so much, and Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit out the National Anthem, we thought this oldie but goodie on celebrity endorsers and morals clauses was worth dusting off.

One quick update on the post. The case we wrote about ultimately settled on undisclosed terms.

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