Brands reinvent and relaunch themselves all the time.  Sometimes with great success — Esso became Exxon, a brand name chosen because it purportedly meant absolutely nothing in the world’s hundreds of different languages; Volkswagen just ran an ad for its iconic Beetle during last week’s Super Bowl; and Martha Stewart reinvigorated her brand after a brief stint in the federal penitentiary.  Other times the effort is less successful — just ask the folks who dreamed up New Coke.

Almost four years ago we launched an advertising blog at another leading law firm (yes, we advise clients all the time that saying that doesn’t avoid Lanham Act problems, but it makes our insurance carrier feel better.)  Today we have a new home and a new blog.  We are excited to become part of one of the largest and most diverse advertising practices and about the blogging opportunities such a practice provides.  And we promise to be more VW Beetle and less New Coke and to continue to provide a blog that strives to be timely, informative and a good read.

To those of you who have been with us before, thanks for continuing on this journey with us.  To those of you who may be new, welcome.