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It looks like the Vegas Golden Knights will need their own parachute, in the form of a strong trademark attorney, to escape potential brand free-fall. While U.S. government agencies have not always been the most effective in policing trademark rights, it appears the Vegas hockey team is now in their sights.

Earlier this month, the United States Army instituted trademark oppositions against two applications filed by the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team. The Army is alleging likelihood of confusion with the brand of its Golden Knights parachute demonstration team, as well as dilution and false suggestion of a connection.

The opposition is the culmination of a dispute that started with the unveiling of the NHL expansion team’s name in November 2016. At that time, the Army indicated it was evaluating the name for potential likelihood of confusion concerns; however, the NHL Golden Knights dived into their first season without changing the name.Continue Reading Vegas Golden Knights Brand in Free-Fall?