MadeInByForAmericaIt has become something of a blog tradition to mark the Independence Day holiday with a blog on Made in USA issues. As fate would have it, very recently we blogged on that topic. However, we couldn’t resist a blog on an ad we saw last week at the airport in Savannah, Georgia.  Not only is this product “Made in America” but it is Made “By America” and “For America.”  The product, of course, we’d be referring to is small arms, many of which are apparently used by the US military. Now we don’t have anything particularly profound to say about this that we haven’t already said in our prior blog relating to the potential risks associated with Made in USA claims.  But, we are left wondering whether from an enforcement discretion standpoint the FTC (or class action lawyer) would rather not have a conversation with the manufacturer about whether its trigger mechanism is domestic in origin or whether the silencers or gun barrel liners are domestically sourced.  However that hypothetical conversation might go, we wish each of you a happy and restful Fourth of July weekend.