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Insights into the FTC and the Utah Department of Commerce: Consumer Fraud and Business Symposium

On September 20, 2018, the FTC and Utah Department of Commerce held a symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, discussing, among other things, how the two work together to combat consumer fraud in various areas. The panels provided a unique insight into how law enforcement agencies coordinate and their respective priorities. Below are two key … Continue Reading

FTC Wish List Part II

In part II of our series on our wish list for the new FTC, we look at the issue of the pace of FTC investigations. And just like Tom Cruise, we feel the need, the need for speed. Now it’s no secret that, for the most part, FTC investigations proceed slowly. Some of that is … Continue Reading

All We Want for the New FTC is . . .

There’s been a lot of talk about the one eensy weensy Supreme Court vacancy, but nary a word about the not one but TWO FTC vacancies. Indeed, if any of you were out and about recently, say at the theater perhaps, you might have been sitting near a future FTC Commissioner. So, let’s imagine for … Continue Reading

The FTC Thinks Redress Looks Disgorgeous on You

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection routinely goes into federal district court seeking redress or disgorgement in cases of alleged fraud and deception.  The folks in the FTC’s Bureau of Competition recently indicated that they may want to start more regularly seeking such relief.  One interesting question raised by all of this is: Can the … Continue Reading